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Golf Cart Speakers

Golf Cart Speakers

Posted by Wet Sounds on 2nd Sep 2022

The sun's out, there's just enough of a breeze to keep it from being hot, and you've got plans to hit the local golf course. You load up the golf cart, clubs, and grab a friend or two and then have to decide if you have time for nine or 18 holes. The day can't get much better than that, or can it? Have you ever considered adding golf cart speakers to your golf experience? Enjoy some tunes while you tee off, putt away, and simply enjoy the outdoors. Here's what you need to know about golf cart speakers.

What Are Golf Cart Speakers? 

As the name implies, golf cart speakers are speakers specifically designed to fit your golf cart, adding musical enjoyment to your golfing experience. There are several different styles when it comes to golf cart speakers, and you'll have to decide which is best for you based on how you intend to use them.


A soundbar is a speaker that projects sound across a wide enclosure, typically much wider than it is tall. These types of speakers can be mounted directly to your golf cart using mounting hardware, which is generally included. Some soundbars include LED lighting to amp up the entire experience with visual and audio effects. Often soundbars are also Bluetooth-ready and come complete with a remote control to allow you to turn it up or down and off without having to touch the soundbar itself. Easily installed, a soundbar can turn your golf cart into the party cart in no time.

Wet Sounds has the Stealth Soundbar line for 6 and 10 speaker options available here.


When it comes to speakers that you can mount on your golf cart, you'll find several different options, letting you customize your golf cart sound system and experience. Styles available allow you to decide where you want the sound to come from, such as the roof, the cockpit, or all around you.

The first option includes speakers that you can mount to the frame of the golf cart. These speakers are typically a half-inch to two inches wide, offering a lower profile to stay out of your way as you get in and out of the golf course to swing the club at the next ball. Many of these styles also offer a swivel option, allowing you to project your music to the greens as you putt as well as direct it towards the interior of the golf cart as you drive along.

You can also get speakers that you mount on your dashboard or inside the cockpit. This style is usually five to six inches in diameter and channels the sound through your golf cart, providing you with enough sound to enjoy while riding around the course. Since the sound is directed into the interior of the cart, it's less likely to bother the other golfers on the course. Dashboard or cockpit-style speakers should come equipped with mounting hardware to ease your installation.

Roof-mounted speakers are another option when it comes to mounted speakers. This type of speaker system mounts directly to the roof of your golf cart and often needs to be designed to fit your specific golf card brand. You'll enjoy two speakers, usually between four to six inches in diameter. Mounting hardware will be included when you purchase this style, and they often offer Bluetooth connectivity with a possible remote control.
Finally, another option is a four-speaker option that allows you to mount a speaker or subwoofer in each corner of the golf cart, giving you high-quality surround sound. Upgrading to a speaker system that offers a separate unit head and subwoofer will make you the envy of everyone else on the course because the sound will be unparalleled.

Wet Sounds has an audio system harness that lets you add a four-speaker system to your four-seater golf cart quickly and easily. This harness offers plug-n-play connections for the Wet Sounds RECON or REVO speakers, as well as the Stealth AS series subwoofer and MC-2 head unit to make your speaker installation easier than you can imagine and providing you with a bumping sound system. Although sold as marine speakers, these are perfect for your golf cart, ATV, and UTV as well.

Consider Your Budget

One aspect of selecting the right sound system for your golf cart will be your budget. Speakers of any type can range anywhere from budget-friendly to expensive, often reflective of quality and capabilities. Adding a speaker system to your golf cart isn't something you want to skimp on, especially if you're adding a mounted system.

It's okay to start small since you could always upgrade later if you decide you like adding music to your golfing experience. 

Go ahead and give yourself one more reason to play a round of golf, spend a little more time on the course, or just tool around town in your golf course by adding high-quality golf cart speakers.