Wet Sounds XS-65ic-RGB $239.99 / PAIR [ ON BACK ORDER ]
( XS-65IC-RGB )

The XS-65ic RGB is a 6.5 inch component style coaxial with integrated RGB LED in the tweeter protection cup. The tweeter protection cup is injection molded in our translucent material to provide a unique glow. The RGB led can be hooked up to 12 volts and a single color for red, blue or green or combined with our RGB LED controller for unlimited colors and ability to change colors, flash and fade all from the RF remote control. The XS-65ic features a silver grille and silver injection molded composite cone with Wet Sounds proprietary rubber spider and surround, Nylas frame/grille. And Horn Flare inch aluminum tweeter and rubber magnet boot.
Price: $239.99
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