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Wet Sounds Documentation

Tower Speakers  Wet Sounds Brochures REVO Coaxial Speakers 

REV 12 HD Service Manual

  REVO 6 Series Marine Coaxial/Full Range
REV 8 Owners Manual Wet Sounds Small Brochure (PDF) REVO 8 Series Marine Coaxial/Full Range
REV 10 Owners Manual Venue Series Catalog (PDF)  REVO 10CX Marine Coaxial/Full Range
REV 410 Owners Manual Marine Audio - Receivers - Media Centers/Radios/Source Units ZERO 6 / ZERO 8 Series Coaxial Manual
ICON 8 Owners Manual  -- WS-MC-1 --  
REV HD Owners Manual WS-MC-1 Marine Media Center System Owners Manual RECON 6 Series Marine Coaxial Owners Manual
Tower Adapters WS-MC-1 Wiring Harness Diagram RECON 8 Series Marine Coaxial Owners Manual
Malibu-G3-Dual-Bracket-Slider-Bimini-Pole-Modification-Guide WS-MC-1 Dimensions RECON 6 Pods Owners Manual 
Marine Amplifiers WS-MC-1 Software Update Instructions Subwoofer Enclosures - Non-Powered
Sinister SDX2 SDX4 SDX6 SDX2500
-- WS-MC-2 -- REVO 12 PSE Passive Subwoofer Enclosure Owners Manual
STX Micro Series Amplifiers - STX MICRO-1 - STX MICRO-4 Owners Manual WS-MC-2 Marine Receiver Owner Manual  
SYN DX Series Amplifiers - SYN-DX 2,SYN-DX 2.3 HP, SYN-DX 4, SYN-DX 6 Owners Manual WS-MC-2 Software (06/2021) Subwoofer Enclosures - Ported
HTX Series Amplifiers - HTX-1, HTX-2, HTX-4, HTX-6 Owners Manual -- WS-MC-20 -- REVO 12 XXX Owners Manual
Suggested Crossover Settings WS-MC-20 Marine Receiver Owners Manual REVO 12 XXX Wiring Pair to SDX2500
  WS-MC-20 Software (8/2022) REVO Sub Box Enclosure Specs
Surface Mount Speakers  -- WS-MC-5 -- REVO 15 XXX Owners Manual
REV 6x9-SM Owners Manual WS-MC-5 Manual  Vented Enclosure / 40Hz  
Lifestyle Audio - Coolers   RGB Electronics  
SHIVR 55 Owners Manual Marine Audio - Receivers - Equalizers WWX-RGB-RS Owners Manual
 Gatorstep Installation Guide WS-420 BT / WS-420 SQ / WS-220 BT  RF-RGB-MC V2 Music Controller Owners Manual
Stealth Powered Subwoofer Enclosures   WS-4Z-RGB Owners Manual / WS-4Z-RGB Wiring / WS-4Z-RGB Typical Wiring
Stealth AS Series Subwoofers - AS-10, AS-8, AS-6 Owners Manual Marine Audio - Receivers - Bluetooth® Controllers  
  WW-BT-VC Bluetooth® Volume Control Owners Manual Accessories - Receiver Accessories   
Stealth Series Soundbars WW-BT-RS Bluetooth® Rocker Switch Controller Owners Manual -- 8 Channel Line Driver --
Stealth 6 ULTRA HD Soundbar Owners Manual  WW-BT-UR Universal Bluetooth® Receiver Owners Manual WW-8CH-LD Owners Manual
Stealth 10 ULTRA HD Soundbar Owners Manual WWX-DZ-BT - Dual Zone Bluetooth® Controller Owners Manual  -- Send/Receive Kits --
Stealth 6 CORE Soundbar Owners Manual   WS A-LINK Owners Manual / AL-SR-V2 Owners Manual / SKAA Receiver User's Guide
Stealth 10 CORE Soundbar Owners Manual Powersports Wiring Diagrams  
Stealth SURGE Soundbar Owners Manual Ultra HD---AS-10---Surge / Ultra HD---STX Micro---Recon 6   Accessories - LEDS & Accessories    
HD Remote Programming & Battery Replacement Instructions Ultra HD---STX Micro---Recon 6 Pods / Ultra HD---STX Micro---Recon 6---Sub  REV V1 Speakers LED Install Manual
Sound Remote Out for Multiple Aftermarket Amps Ultra HD---AS Sub / Ultra HD---Surge  REV V2 Speakers LED Install Manual
Low Current Switch Accessory Trigger to High Current Ultra HD---STX Micro---Core / BT-VC---AS10---Surge  ICON 8 V2 Speakers LED Install Manual
 Stealth XT Soundbar Manual   SUB & COAX Speakers LED Install Manual 
Venue Series Outdoor Audio Discontinued Products  
Venue 1200 Amp Owners Manual  SW-65 / SW-650 / SW-808 / SW-10FA-W-D2 SYN-1 / SYN-2 / SYN-4 / SYN-6 / SYN-MICRO
Venue-12 LS-Sub Owners Manual SWT-65 / SWT-650 HT-1 / HT-2 / HT-4 / HT-6
XS-65 / XS-650 / XS-808 / XS-10FA / XS-12  HT AS-10
Venue SMC-65 Owners Manual   SS-10B  Stealth SS-65 Subwoofer
Venue Series Catalog (PDF) Pro 60 / Pro 80 / Pro 485  WS-420