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Wet Sounds Documentation

  Wet Sounds Brochure  
Tower Speakers Wet Sounds Large Brochure (PDF) REVO Speakers
REV8 Wet Sounds Small Brochure (PDF) REVO Series Marine Coaxial/Full Range
REV10 Electronics / Source Units REVO 10CX Marine Coaxial/Full Range
REV410 WS-420BT / WS-420SQ / WS-220BT REVO Series Subwoofers
ICON8   REVO XXX - 12/15 Marine Subwoofers
REV 6x9-SM WW-8CH-LD Revo 12XXX Wiring Pair to SDX2500
Tower Adapters WW-BT-VC Bluetooth Volume Control REVO12 LED Modification
Malibu-G3-Dual-Bracket-Slider-Bimini-Pole-Modification-Guide WW-BT-RS Bluetooth Rocker Switch Controller REVO 12 PSE
  REVO Sub Enclosure Specs
Marine Amplifiers MC-1 Marine Media Center System Manual  
Sinister SDX2 SDX4 SDX6 SDX2500 WS-MC-1 Wiring Harness Diagram RECON Speakers
STX Micro Series Amplifiers WS-MC-1 Dimensions / WS-MC-1 Software Update (6/2021) RECON 6 Series Marine Coaxial
SYN DX Series Amplifiers WS-MC-5 Manual RECON 6 Pods
HTX Series Amplifiers WS-MC-2 Marine Receiver Manual / MC-2 Software (06/2021) / 
WS-MC-20 Marine Receiver Manual
RECON 8 Series Marine Coaxial
Suggested Crossover Settings WS A-LINK USER MANUAL / AL-SR-V2  
SHIVR 55 WWX-DZ-BT Subwoofer Enclosure Specs
SHIVR 55 RGB Electronics XS-XXX / XXX-15
  WS-4Z-RGB Manual Vented Enclosure / 40hz
Stealth Series Sound Bars / Subwoofers WS-4Z-RGB Wiring / WS-4Z-RGB Typical Wiring  
Stealth6 ULTRA HD RF Music Controller  
Stealth10 ULTRA HD WWX-RGB-RS Manual  
Stealth6 CORE Powersports Wiring Diagrams  
Stealth10 CORE Ultra HD---STX Micro---Core / BT-VC---AS10---Surge  
Stealth SURGE Soundbar Ultra HD---AS10---Surge / Ultra HD---STX Micro---Recon 6  
HD Remote Programming Instructions Ultra HD---STX Micro---Recon 6 Pods / Ultra HD---STX Micro---Recon 6---Sub  
Stealth AS Series Subwoofers Ultra HD---AS Sub / Ultra HD---Surge  
Sound Remote Out for Multiple AfterMarket Amps    
Low Current Switch Accessory Trigger to High Current    
Venue Series Outdoor Audio   REV V1 Speakers LED Install Manual
Venue 1200 Amp Discontinued Products REV V2 Speakers LED Install Manual
Venue-12 LS-Sub SW-65 / SW-650 / SW-808 / SW-10FA-W-D2 SUB & COAX Speakers LED Install Manual
Venue VS-69 Pro / VS-8 Pro SWT-65 / SWT-650 ICON8 V2 Speakers LED Install Manual
Venue SMC-65 XS-65 / XS-650 / XS-808 / XS-10FA / XS-12  
  SS-10B  WS-420
  Pro60 / Pro80 / Pro485 SYN1 / SYN2-4 / SYN6 / SYN-MICRO
    HT1 / HT2 / HT4 / HT6
  HT AS-10
    Stealth SS-65 Subwoofer