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Monday - Friday 8am-5pm CST

PRO STAFF Application Process
Thank you for inquiring on becoming a Wet Sounds Pro Staff Team Representative! Wet Sounds, Inc often receives many emails and phone calls requesting information about joining the Wet Sounds Pro Staff Team. This overview will help applicants better understand our philosophy, expectations and requirements of becoming a Wet Sounds Pro Staff Team Member.

OUR PRO STAFF Philosophy:
What does it mean to be a Wet Sounds PRO STAFF Team Member? That is SIMPLE! We would love to partner with Professional Anglers who are on the fishing circuit going for their next big victory! As enthusiasts of the profession we want to combine the excitement of catching that trophy class fish on all of your tournaments with the exhilarating feeling of High Performance Marine Audio delivered by the Wet Sounds family of products!

What do we require? We want to share the experience with you! Showing off your Wet Sounds gear and apparel during event filming, in pics on your favorite social media accounts and in professional photo shoots is awesome exposure! Talking up the Wet Sounds brand is also key. If you love our products then we would appreciate you letting your friends and industry colleagues know all about how much you love your High Performance Marine Audio gear!

Of course this is not a program for just anyone. We want PASSIONATE Fishing Professionals to join the Wet Sounds PRO STAFF Team! Supporting the industry is key. Wet Sounds wants to partner with those who live for the thrill of taking center stage at every event!

PRO STAFF Qualifications
Now that we’ve discussed what it entails to be a successful pro staff member, let’s discuss some of the qualifications we are looking for.

  • Have you used our products in the past? If you have purchased our products and know firsthand the POWER of Wet Sounds… then you are a prime Wet Sounds PRO STAFF candidate!
  • How long have you been on the Pro Fishing Circuit? If you have 3+ years of professional tournament fishing experience then you are a prime Wet Sounds PRO STAFF candidate!
  • How many events do you participate in per annually?
  • What are your tournament accomplishments? We want to hear you brag about what you have achieved on the water!

PRO STAFF Readiness?
Do you think that you are ready to be a Wet Sounds PRO STAFF Team Member? Then we encourage you to apply with Wet Sounds High Performance Marine Audio PRO STAFF Team TODAY!