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Wet Sounds Slogan

Who is Wet Sounds? 
Wet Sounds™ is a marine audio manufacturer based out of Texas. Wet Sounds™ was founded by a group of audio industry veterans with over 65 years of combined experience ranging from Pro Audio, Car Audio to even Home Audio. Wet Sounds™, Inc. was founded to deliver a new level of performance and style to the marine industry. Combining our expertise in audio and our passion for boating, Wet Sounds™, Inc. was launched to create a new level of standards as a "High Performance Marine Audio" manufacturer.

What makes Wet Sounds’ tower speakers different? 
Until now, there have been very few options for quality tower speakers.  Most options are tower speakers assembled using other company’s speakers. Most of those speakers are great for installing in the boat but were not designed to deliver the output needed to reach the skier or wake boarder.  Additionally, many use car audio speakers or speakers with paper cones that were not designed to withstand the marine environment.  Many of these tower products are not built to a professional standard and do not include warranties to back the product and your investment.  The “REV Series” tower speakers from Wet Sounds™ are built using state of the art manufacturing resulting in a robust product that will hold up in a marine environment and are backed with a warranty of one year from date of purchase. They were also designed and built to perform at 80 feet and beyond. Once you hear them you will become a believer.

What is EFG ™? 
“EFG ™” is a proprietary cone developed by Wet Sounds™, Inc. specifically for the marine environment.  It is a composite mix comprised of Epoxy and Fiberglass.  This is the ultimate cone material; light yet rigid.  The result is an environmentally sound driver designed to deliver quick transient response for tight, deep bass.

What is a Pro-Axial ™? 
A “Pro-Axial™” is the driver compilation used in our REV Series tower speaker.  We developed the Pro-Axial™ to be the ultimate combination of sound quality and extreme output.  Using a time aligned; high frequency; Horn Loaded Compression Driver mated with our EFG™ mid-bass it is a one of kind design.

Why Wet Sounds Marine Audio? 
Wet Sounds™, Inc. is a manufacturer that is dedicated only to the marine industry. Our engineering team develops proprietary products and technologies that aren’t found anywhere else in the world.  These products offer incredible performance and one of kind aesthetic looks.  All backed by a group that knows audio.

What’s next? 
Check back to the web site often.  There are many exciting new products coming down the pipe!

Wet Sounds Slogan