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Marine Subwoofers
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12 Inch SPL Marine Subwoofer

12 inch SPL Marine Subwoofer. The REVO12-XXX is the one of the only SPL marine woofer in the world. Advanced acoustical engineering and high end components make the REVO12-XXX the subwoofer of choice for those looking for extreme bass. Cutting edge computer aided design and full finite element anaylis give you a woofer built for extreme use. Weighing in at over 30 pounds! With the REVO12-XXX, not only do you get killer bass but also some additional ballast! Powder Coated gloss black cast aluminum frame, high stiffness matte black polypropylene/carbon fiber/glass fiber cone, heavy duty magnetic system, high roll santoprene thermoformed rubber surround, fiberglass former, 4" dual voice coil, gold plated screw down binding posts, integrated multi part cooling system with t yoke heat sink and combination peripheral/pole piece venting ensures high power and low voice coil temperatures.

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High Role Rubber Surround
Aluminum: Powder Coated
Cast Aluminum Frame
Terminals: Gold Plated
Screw Down Binding Posts

Heavy Duty Magnetic System

XS-XXX Rubber Surround XS-XXX Powder Coated XS-XXX Terminals XS-XXX Magnet
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