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SDX6: 6 Channel Amplifier

The Sinister  amplifiers use superior performance circuitry by utilizing Wet Sounds exclusive Class D Power Supplies combined with Wet Sounds MAXED™ Power supply.  The MAXED power supply is a Patented technology designed to provide high efficiency levels never thought to be achievable in a mobile audio amplifier.  What this means to you.  Less current draw, less strain on the electrical system, less generated heat.  All this results in more play time!   The Sinister amplifiers share one size full cast aluminum chassis for all models making installation a breeze and the ability to have a clean install.

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Wet Sounds SD6: Sinister Series 6-Channel Marine Amplifier

Give your customers the superior marine audio performance they’ve been missing with a Wet Sounds SD6 Sinister Series 6-channel marine amplifier. The Sinister Series is famous for its bone-shaking performance, and the SD6 is at the top of the pecking order: Six channels gives you absolute control over your sound, so that you can experience every little nuance even when you’re tearing across the water at full speed. This is the high-powered marine audio experience that sets the bar for marine audio. Get Sinister today.

Key Features

Each Wet Sounds SD6 amp is packed with high-end engineering that will help your party go as loud as you can imagine it. Key features include:

  • Superior performance circuitry, including Wet Sounds exclusive class-D power supplies and Wet Sounds MAXED™, a patented technology designed to provide high efficiency levels never thought to be achievable in a mobile audio amplifier.
  • Precision-engineered for less current draw, less system strain, less heat, and more audio power
  • A single-size, full-cast aluminum chassis for all models, making clean installation a breeze
  • 6-channel marine amplifier performance for most sophisticated sound
  • A fully conformal, coated, four-layer PCB board, with single-side power, a speaker and input section, and top-mounted controls with a removable cover
  • The Wet Sounds SD6 comes with a backlit Wet Sounds shield logo with selectable illumination for red, white or blue that can be mounted horizontally or vertically for flexible amplifier placement
  • Intelligent electrical performance with a built-in microprocessor controller for overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, and DC offset and speaker short protection, as well as thermal rollback to ensure consistent play in the harsh marine environment
  • High pass, low pass, and full range crossovers
  • Flexible inputs, source selection for single- or multiple-RCA channel input, and RCA passthrough on four channels and two channels
  • Removable speaker plugs that accept large gauge wire
  • The Wet Sounds 2-year limited warranty

Get Sinister

When you need the absolute best marine audio amplification money can buy, you need the Wet Sounds Sinister Series. Order online or call our customer support team at 877-938-7757 with any questions. Get your Wet Sounds SD6 Sinister Series 6-channel marine amplifier today.

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