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Salt Water Series
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SW-65ic SW-65ic
6.5 inch Coaxial Speaker
The SW-65ic is a 6.5 inch component style coaxial with a closed grille aesthetic perfect for salt water boats, runabouts, and off-road vehicles.”  . The SW-650 shares the same performance as the XS-650 and the same technologies like our Rubber Spider & Surround, Nylas frame/grille (Nylon Fiberglass), Injection molded composite cone, Horn Flare Titanium Tweeter and Rubber Magnet Boot. Available in all white or all black.
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Coaxial Driver

Rubber Spider,
Surround & Magnet Boot
Aluminum Tweeter Nylas:
Nylon Fiberglass Frame/Grill
SW-65-B Coaxial Driver SW-65-B Rubber Spider Aluminum Tweeter SW-65-B Nylas

Wet Sounds Slogan