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SYN DX Series
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SYN DX Series
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Wet Sounds Amps: SYN-DX Series Amplifiers: The Best Boat Amplifier

Our SYN-DX Wet Sounds amp series is the best in its class, offering the perfect balance between price and performance. A SYN-DX boat amplifier will give you great sound no matter what you’re doing, whether it’s a lazy day floating on the water, hours ripping across the waves towing your friends, or rocking at the docks all night long.

Key Features

If you want the best boat amplifier, our SYN-DX Wet Sounds amp series is packed with premium features that lesser amps can’t match. Designed to pump out the best sound in every kind of marine environment, SYN-DX features include:

  • Superior performance circuitry with class-D power supplies
  • Extreme power output packed inside a small chassis
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Flexible crossovers
  • Extended inputs
  • SYN-DX amplifiers are a well balanced match for all of the Wet Sounds products.
  • A smart microprocessor and conformal coated PCB board, meaning reliable power and great control
  • Backed by Wet Sounds’ 2-year limited warranty to protect your investment

Keep It Loud, Keep It Wet

When you need superior marine audio amplification, you need a Wet Sounds boat amplifier. Order online or call our customer support today at 877-938-7757. Our specialists can help you build the sound systems you’ve been dreaming of. Put a SYN-DX Wet Sounds amp in your future today.

Wet Sounds Slogan