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WS-220BT WS-220BT
4-Zone Level Controller with Bluetooth
For total control over your Wet Sounds system, look to the WS-220 BT 4 Zone Level Controller with Bluetooth. The WS-220 BT allows independent control of four separate audio zones and a simple master volume control. All four zones are equal and can be set up to control your favorite Wet Sounds amplifiers to fed zones such as our tower speakers, cabin speakers and subwoofers. The WS-220 BT is designed to give a user ultimate control at their fingertips over any Audio System.

Equipped with a talkback microphone, the WS-220 BT automatically mutes the music on Zone 1 when the Talk Button is pressed. This allows for communication over a wide area, then reverts back to the music when the talk button is released.

You can choose to listen to music from a main source unit or an auxiliary input and for maximum versatility, the WS-220 BT also includes Bluetooth compatibility for wireless steaming convenience from your smartphone, or any other Bluetooth enabled device. All three sources have independent gain adjustments for the perfect matched output on any source.

The WS-220 BT also includes the exclusive Wet Sounds Wired Audio Link, which allows you to connect your audio with other Wet Sounds equipped systems for the ultimate party experience!
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Wired Audio Link Illumination: Red or Blue
Background Illumination
Talkback Microphone Bluetooth
Wired Audio Link WS-220 Illumination WS-420 Talkback Microphone Bluetooth
Master Volume Control 4 Zone Control 4 Zone Control Input Selection
Master Volume Control 4 Zone Control 4 Zone Control Input Selection
Conformal Coated PCB  Easy Mounting 5 Volt Line Driver Highest Grade Op Amps
and Output Devices 
Conformal Coated PCB  Easy Mounting  5 Volt Line Driver Conformal Coated PCB 
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