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4 Zone RGB LED Controller
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4 Zone RGB LED Controller

Co-Developed with Shadow Caster Lighting, the "Zone Controller" allows individual or simultaneous control of four separate lighting zones on your boat or RV. Quickly change color and brightness or set the lights to dance to music.

Supports Shadow-Caster's "Shadow-Net" devices. This allows communication with Shadow-Caster's line of under water and above water lights, along with standard RGB Color Changing lights.

The backlit housing installs in a 3" gauge opening and includes wiring harness and mounting hardware.

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Specifications Downloads (in PDF format)
• Size: 3.625” outside diameter X 0.5” Height (92 x 13mm)
PDF User Manual
PDF Wiring Diagram
• UV stabilized polycarbonate cover with stainless steel bezel
• Machined aluminum rear housing
• Supports up to 500 watts of LED lights
• Operating voltage: 10 – 30 volts DC

• 16 Illuminated silicone buttons

• 4 Independent zones  
• Shadow-Net Enabled  
• 1-Year Warranty  
• Made in the USA  
All specifications are for the WS-4Z RGB Controller  


Wet Sounds Slogan