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Wet Sounds offers a complete line of LED accent lighting. Custom Designed and Injection Molded Acrylic LED Light Ring options for the Revolution Series Tower Speakers, ICON-8 Tower speaker, Marine Speakers and 10 inch subwoofers. All LED light rings kits come with a pair of Injection molded Rings and specific size led strips and necessary hardware. Wet Sounds also offers our custom made LED strips in spools to add the other areas in the boat for a full lighting effect. Solid colors in Red, Blue, Green and White. Also available in RGB color changing, that’s 256 color options! The LED's will run off of standard 12 volt power and you can add our RF remote control RGB controller for the RGB strips to give you a wireless control option on the colors or effects you want. This will give you a custom design look to your system and set you apart from the rest.

4 Zone RGB Controller
RGB Controller
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• Size: 3.625” outside diameter X 0.5” Height (92 x 13mm)
• UV stabilized polycarbonate cover with stainless steel bezel
• Machined aluminum rear housing
• IP65 controller and connector with 18” harness
• Supports up to 500 watts of LED lights
• Operating voltage: 10 – 30 volts DC
• 16 Illuminated silicone buttons
• 4 Independent zones
• Shadow-Net Enabled
• 1-Year Warranty
• Made in the USA
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RGB Controller
RGB Controller
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• 3 Music modes - LED lighting reacts with the beat of the music
• 5 Preprogrammed color changing modes
• Can power up to 10 meters of LED lighting per controller
• Choose your favorite single color to match your boat
• Built in Dimmer Control
• RF Remote with touch sensitive color wheel
• 12v, 7.5A input

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RGB Expansion Amplifier
RGB Expansion Amplifier
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Control color with a Wet Sounds RGB Music Controller. Connects multiple color changing LEDs end-to-end.
• Input Voltage: DC 12V
• Output Current: 12A MAX
• Output Power: 144W (12V)
• Control Mode: RF Remote Control
• Connection Mode: Common Anode
• Working Temp: -20C ~ +45 C
• For use with WET SOUNDS RGB Music Controller

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RGB Controller
XS-65ic RGB REVO6,8,CX-10

The XS-65iC RGB, REVO6, REVO8 and REVO CX-10 component style coaxial speakers with integrated RGB LED in the tweeter protection cup.

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