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SYN6 The SYN6 is a universal hybrid amplifier that allows you to configure it to power any combination of speaker systems. There are two different power sections that consist of a 4 channel section with a higher power 2 channel section all on one chassis. The SYN6 gives you enormous power in one simple to install package. It has high pass crossover capability on channels 1 through 4. While adding high pass or low pass crossover capability on channels 5 and 6. Channels 5 and 6 also have the higher power output. Adding to the feature set is rca summing that allows you to attach one set of rca’s to drive all channels, separate the amp into 2 rca inputs or use all 3 rca inputs. This makes it very simple to wire and configure the amplifier without the need to rca y adapters. The SYN6 can run Marine Speakers and subwoofers, Marine Speakers and tower speakers, tower speakers and subwoofers or just tower speakers.
SYN4 The SYN4 is a high powered 4 channel class H amplifier. It has the ability to run full range, high pass or low pass. With the SYN4, you can run your Marine Speakers only, your Marine Speakers and a subwoofer, Marine Speakers and tower speakers, tower speakers and a subwoofer, subwoofers only or tower speakers only.
SYN2 The SYN2 is a high powered 2 channel class H amplifier. Because of it’s class H power supply and forced fan cooling system, the SYN2 can operate at 2 ohms stereo without any heat issues typically found in conventional amplifier designs. Giving you multiple configuration capabilities. The SYN2 is matched to run tower speakers in a pair of two pairs and is also an amazing subwoofer amplifier.

Wet Sounds Slogan