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Marine Stereo Mounts: Tower Adapters for Most Boat Types

Make sure your boat sounds the best with the best marine stereo mounts from Wet Sounds. Our tower adapters make speaker installation easy for any tower on any boat. Proper installation not only helps you get your money’s worth from your premium Wet Sounds marine audio equipment, but is also second to none in protecting your sound system from water and vibration damage. Our tower speaker mounts provide the secure installation you need, and they look great doing it.

Key Features

Our marine stereo mounts are designed for an easy installation experience and a secure hold on your hardware. Here are some of their other key features:

  • We offer a variety of tower adapters, clamps, and brackets to fit the most popular boats and towers, as well as a universal kit that works with virtually all standard fiberglass T-top mounts.
  • Our kits use durable materials that won’t wear out under the water and sun.
  • Parts are available in either black or a polished finish to give you more customization options.
  • The kits work perfectly with our TC3 tower mounting clamps.

Make Sure Your Boat Sounds Amazing

We always recommend pairing official Wet Sounds audio hardware with our Wet Sounds tower speaker mounts for the best compatibility and sound performance. When you need a boat that gives you a loud, proud sound, you know you can trust Wet Sounds to deliver on every aspect. Call our customer support team at 877-938-7757 to order your marine stereo mounts from Wet Sounds today!