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Marine Wire | Wet Wire Marine Audio Wire and Hookups

Keep the tunes on your boat pumping with our Wet Wire family of dedicated marine wire, interconnects, power distribution blocks, amplifier kits, and signal kits. Non-marine gear, like you’d use in your car or home sound system, isn’t made to stand up to the harsh environmental conditions your boat faces. You need equipment that will withstand the blistering sun, repel corrosion-causing moisture, and hold together despite constant vibration. Our Wet Wire line makes sure that the music can outlast the party, whether you’re floating by the docks or ripping across the waves.

Key Features

We didn’t build our Wet Wire line of products by accident. Each one was engineered for maximum performance and extreme durability. Take a look at what you’re getting when you buy:

  • Our marine wire meets or exceeds American gauge wiring standards with CEA-2015 and BC-5W2 marine compliance.
  • Wet Wire products include 100% oxygen-free tinned copper, twisted pair quad-shielded RCA cables, and fusion nickel plating on our connection blocks.
  • Best of all, when using a Wet Wire connection system with your Wet Sounds speakers and amplifiers, you get an automatic one-year extension on your standard Wet Sounds two-year limited warranty.

Wet and Wild

When the party can’t stop, you better have the marine audio equipment that can keep it going. Just remember this: The speakers make the sound, but the wires make it work. Don’t skimp. Get the best heavy-duty marine wire and hookup gear on the market. Call our customer service crew today at 877-938-7757 with any questions or to place an order.