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Wet Sounds Slogan
Tim :: November 9th, 2017
Your motto “hearing is believing” hit the nail on the head. This build consisted of:
4- REV10’s
1- REVO10HP Sub. (in a SSV stealth enclosure under the dash)
2- REVO 6’s in the doors
2- SDX6 Sinister amps pushing 585 watts to the 4 REVS, and 585 to the sub. (the 2 amps were put back to back and the 2 ends were CNC cut to hide the wires.
2-Odyssey 925 batteries
1-Wet Sounds rocker BT module
Wet Sounds LED Rings for all speakers
Build: Noizy Boyz Customz in Magnolia

Tony :: September 13th, 2017
I have your Wet Sounds 10 Ultra HD, finding a place to mount it on my can am Maverick x3 was tuff but I made one. It is an awesome sound bar, and works well while even wearing a helmet when I race. Here are some pictures I can send better ones if you need.

John :: September 6th, 2017
Sometimes the party gets weird on a holiday weekend.  And we're ok with that!

Sean :: August 14th, 2017
We love our Wet Sounds system on our '17 Supreme S238. This is the second boat that I have ran a full Wet Sounds system and I wouldn't choose anything else. We love our music and it means everything for it to sound the way it's meant to sound. Hats off to everyone at Wet Sounds for making a quality product that their customers can rely on.

Ignacio :: July 7th, 2017
Wet Sounds makes party cove rock and the ladies love the tunes! Thank you for a great product!!

Cjay :: June 26th, 2017

Picture taken on Boyd lake in Northern Colorado. No special events just friends together on a Friday night. Love the lake life love wet sounds got the RGB kits in all four rev 10s and six wet sounds interior speakers all with light rings also

Seth :: May 30th, 2017

My wife and I out enjoying a beautiful memorial weekend on norris lake. Living the wet life. #wetlife #tigeboats #wetsounds

Tyler :: May 15th, 2017

Havoc thumpin with the new REVO8's and the HTX-2 pushin 150w to each. The new Bluetooth receiver is awesome, automatically shuts the amp off if music stops playing, saving power. The green speaker LED's match the interior perfectly. Awesome set up.

May 11th, 2017

Whether it be in our polaris rzr bashing on the weekends or relaxing on the lake in our tige z3. My family and I have always counted on the quality of the whole line of wet sounds products. Whether it be the sound bar in our rzr or the full stereo system in our boat we know that everytime we use either the quality will be awesome. We were blown away by how loud and clear the wet sounds speakers were in our boat when we bought it. Even though it only has two rev 8's on the alpha tower (soon to add 2 rev 10's on their way as we speak) the stereo can be heard loud and clear at the end of a 75 foot wake rope. If music is a big part of your life as it is ours you definitely need to check out wet sounds for all your needs. They provide unmatched quality not only from a build standpoint but also in quality clear sound. I will definitely continue to use their great products.

Gregg :: May 1st, 2017

We built this in 2015 for our annual Guadalupe River trip. Last year, we got hung up on a rock and the radio flipped and was completely submerged for about 30 seconds until I could get it out. The speakers continued to play underwater until the amp (not WetSounds) got wet. I have not touched it since then, which has been about 9 months. I hooked up the new amp and was thrilled to hear and see that the speakers and blue-tooth still work! Just wanted to let y'all know that you have an awesome sounding and obviously very durable product. 5 stars!!

Craig :: April 24th, 2017

We built this in 2015 for our annual Guadalupe River trip. Last year, we got hung up on a rock and the radio flipped and was completely submerged for about 30 seconds until I could get it out. The speakers continued to play underwater until the amp (not WetSounds) got wet. I have not touched it since then, which has been about 9 months. I hooked up the new amp and was thrilled to hear and see that the speakers and blue-tooth still work! Just wanted to let y'all know that you have an awesome sounding and obviously very durable product. 5 stars!!

Chris :: April 19th, 2017

All of my summers will be rocking with Wet Sounds. No comparison. Best sound on the water. The only speaker I will ever own.”

Eric :: April 5th, 2017

Little review. I must speak about wet sounds customer service. It has been amazing. Had a simple little issue and Jay Perry helped me out no problem. On top of that he offered to send a "swag" package for the issue. Bonus. Well. Somehow that package didn't show up. I didn't complain because it was free anyway. Long story short. He found out and another is on the way. Love good customer service. Thank you.

Jesse :: May 26th, 2016

I installed a Ultra 6 sound bar under my poling platform on my East Cape Skiff. I love the fact I can run it all day on my small battery. Keeping my Skiff light and simple was the most important factor on what system I went with. This sound bar was the perfect fit for what I was looking for. Loud,Crisp and Clean!

Jesse BalboaJesse Balboa
Dan :: May 8th, 2016

All the local audio experts said it couldn't be done. Too much power, sound wouldn't carry, weigh too much. Well this is the 2016 prototype using some old Pro 60's. First time I turned it on the team just giggled. At 50 yards away the system was so loud it forced them to concentrate, to communicate, to stop over thinking. Best coaching tool ever. People come across the field after games just to see the system and ask questions. Last season the varsity lacrosse went 4-8. This year they are in the playoffs. Music is a gift that has so many uses.
The girls love how quickly practices go by. How much fun they are.

Now I know I can build it, just need to save some money for Rev 10's, a 12" sub and new amps.

And a sub frame with Kart wheels

Dan Fishburn
Trayson :: April 18nd, 2016

We put these mud boats through hell come rain, shine, or MUD and wet sounds isn't just along for the ride! They are the mouth of the party and haven't let me down yet! Would have no other!

Buford HebertBuford Hebert
Buford Hebert Buford Hebert
Trayson :: August 22nd, 2014

Yes its that LOUD and CLEAR. Awesome pic sent it by great customer Trayson and his son. His son Loves to Rock Out but knows to also play it safe!

Harrison :: June 2nd, 2014

Wet Sounds, I have a Tige Z1 with Wet Sounds speakers throughout and I love the sound of them!! They are by far the best speakers I have ever owned in a boat

Kyle :: January 19th, 2014

2014 can am commander 1000 with 2 rev 8\'s with blue led rings. Love the speakers, awesome products and amazing sound. Best of the best

Max :: April 3rd, 2014

I just replaced all the stock speakers in my 07 Four Winns with 4 wet sounds XS-650 and the sound quality is phenomenal! Best speakers ever made!

Dexter :: April 15th, 2013

Very impressed with the way you do business at Wet Sounds, quality product and your customer service is above and beyond. Love my XST-650's and I'll only be buying Wet Sounds from now on.

Adam :: February 18th, 2013

I have a 2001 VIP Vixen that I installed a Wetsounds REV410 and a set of REV8's and they are phenominal! By far the loudest and clearest best built speakers I have heard!

Chuck :: April 28th, 2013

Hey WETSOUNDS and prospective WETSOUNDS owners! After many many weeks of debate and research on my choice of amp/speaker install - I decided on WETSOUNDS.....and I'm thrilled with my decision!! We have a 25' bow rider and the stock system was pretty bad - OK, it was horrible. The only thing I kept was the Clarion M309 head unit, I really like this head unit even though I'm not a fan of head units with amplifiers in them. Unfortunately there are not many choices for marine grade head units that have pre-outs only. I went with the HT-2 amplifier and 2 SW 808s. This absolutely blows away the stock 6 speaker system that was powered with the Clarion M309. I strongly considered the SYN 4 with 2 XS650s and the XS10 subwoofer. I think this system would have been equally or potentially better than what I have....But I saved some fabrication, money and time by going with the HT-2 and the 2 SW 808s and I have plenty of bass! I'm extremely happy with my installation and even more happy with the support from the WETSOUNDS tech support team!! These guys answered every email and phone call. Their support prior, during and after played a huge roll in my decision of going with a WETSOUNDS system. Customer support and a high end product is a tough combination to find, these guys have it!! Thank you!

Gene :: July 17th, 2012

Best look and sound on the lake.

John :: February 6th, 2013

I have got to thank the the salesman at Marinemax in Pensacola, Florida. He had told me that all the salesman would sell me on XYZ Audio, ( this is what they put on all of the Sport Fish Boats, BUT he insisted that Wet Sounds Audio will BLOW them away. So I took his advise and Purchased the Rev 10 and the Syn 4 Amp and he wasn't joking this Sh*t is loud! The guys that did the install told me that they have never heard anything this loud. Thank you John at Marinemax and thank you Wet Sounds.

Nicholas :: June 2nd, 2012

Hello Wet Sounds. We recently got 8 pro 80 wet sound speakers form you. We cannot say enough about your product. We wanted to give you a picture of the boat with the speakers. Recently we went to Don Pedro Lake in Jamestown CA and everyone was tripping out about how loud our boat was. No one came close to our boat being as loud as theirs. We even had our boat louder then a house boat! Wet Sounds products are a MUST for every boat!

Daniel :: November 4th, 2012

This boat sounds great and looks even better!!!!

David :: May 9th, 2012

Awesome speakers, REV 8'S in particular.

Nick :: June 1st, 2012

Thank you wet sounds, Pro 80s is amazing and the only boats that are louder than mine are boats with more wet sounds and there are few out there with 8 of them thank you again wet sounds best speakers on the market hands down.

Scott :: February 9th, 2012

We put two REV10s on our Sea Ray and plan to put two more up before this boating season starts. Couldn't be more impressed with the quality and sound of these speakers. Very clear when behind the boat skiing even with the exhaust opened up. Unfortunately, no pictures but skip to about 2:45 in the video to hear the REV10s out to over a mile away. Thanks again! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjKhm3KIvGQ

Scott :: May 11th, 2012

Here are the pics I have of the new Icon8 speakers installed on my 2008 Yamaha 212X.  They were a breeze to install and I really like the upgraded swivel clamps.  The sound out of these speakers is just amazing.  I can't believe how clear they are even 100ft behind the boat.   After experiencing the quality and sound of these speakers I am definitely sold on the Wet Sounds products!  I will be adding a Wet Sounds amp and a WS 420 Equalizer in the near future to complete my system.  Thanks for your help and advice. 

Aric :: July 13th, 2011

Mobile Innovations Demo Enzo SV230 with the new REV8s & 10s. These new speakers are without a doubt the best sounding marine tower speakers out there!

Greg :: December 27th, 2010

I am sending many pics so that you can determine which ones you like best. As you will see on the truck and boat one, there is a Wetsounds sticker on the truck too. As always I am sporting my Wetsounds shirts and spreading the stoke.  Thanks for being a great company to deal with and working with me with everything. You go above and beyond in customer service and communication!

Daniel :: January 17th, 2012

Thanks for producing great product. Wet Sounds deff. dominates the market!!!!!

Aric :: June 17th, 2010


Matt :: April 13th, 2011

Just got back from spring break at Lake Havasu. All i gotta say is Wetsounds helped create the party 10 days in a row. One day in particular at the channel was off the hook. We managed to shut down 2 other party boats sponsored by Rockstar and Budlight where everyone paid to party. Those guys were more than pissed when all their customers left to join us. Keep in mind these had full on club type ac systems in them. By the end of the day we had over 300 people around the boat jamming to 2- 485s which were overpowering everyone else. We also managed to shut down a malibu that had 20-e$%L& #&7's on the tower as he couldnt believe how loud mine was. Evidence of this great day can be seen at www.desiredlooks.com under events havasu bikefest. My system consists of 2-485s.
6-xs650s. 2- xxx subs. 2-syn1s 2-syn2s, and a syn 4. Getting ready to add another syn4 with the all new pro 80s that will be out next month. Thanks Wetsounds!!

June 28th, 2010

The best tower speakers out on the market. I did my research on other manufactures, in which Wet Sounds products came out on top. Not only are they loud but extremely clear. Not to mention the styling of the speakers look far better than other products. My boat is outfitted with three 485's all of which have 750 watts RMS running to them. And two Pro 80's which have 400 watts RMS to each. I also have six XS-650's throughout the interior of the boat, in which each speaker is amped to 75 watts RMS. Also installed is the Wet Sounds WS-420, which has been great in fine tuning the highs, mids, and lows on the tower, inner speakers, and sub. Not to mention linking to other boats at the beach! Overall the boat has six amps powering the finest boat speakers on the market. It has roughly 4800 Watts RMS and six blue top gel cell batteries. This boat is one of the loudest out on Northern California's waterways and its due to Wet Sounds products. Great quality, great sound and great prices!!!

Michael :: July 13th, 2010

I just want to say "Thank You". My system is installed and it sounds great! I followed Omar's excellent advice on the installation and I am completely pleased.

Nick :: June 23rd, 2009

Just hooked up my 4 Pro 80s powered by a SYN2 amp and I could not be happier. The new trick connects clamps rock. The sound is so intense but still clear, Hearing is truly Believing!!! By far the best tower speakers on the market worth every penny! Thanks Wetsounds.

Blake :: May 19th, 2010

Just picked up my boat with my new WET SOUNDS in it. It is the sickest thing I have ever heard. Don't cheap out and get a half ass speaker. I got the 3-SOME with a WS-420. The EQ is awesome! Speakers are crystal clear and will make your ears bleed. Thanks Wet Sounds and Hotwired Car Audio (Jonesboro, AR).

Pro Installz:: November 14th, 2009

Pro Installz provides the equipment for us to build the loudest boat stereo's on KY Lake. Thanks Wet Sounds!

Nick :: April 27th, 2010

These things are loud! I have 4 pro 60's and you can hear them well over 100ft. Thanks for making a great product.


Steve :: June 17th, 2009

I am in love with the pro 80's that i installed last year, so loud, so clear! Thanks, will be picking up a 485 soon!

Richard :: November 14th, 2009

I got my Wet Sounds from a guy in Paducah, Kentucky, his name escapes me.
I would like to contact him about adding some in the cockpit. If you could send me his name and number I would appreciate it. I currently just use the 80's on my arch and the bazooka's I use inside the cockpit just don't keep up. I sent the picture because I have never found anyone other than myself that uses the speakers on a cruiser and they are perfect other than needing a mounting system. I had to rig one. I hope my picture will lead to others buying Wet Sounds for cruisers as well. I find mine to be the perfect speakers for sand bars. We anchor about 50 feet off shore and I can play music for the entire beach. Tons of people ask what speakers I have and all are amazed by their sound. I just need to get the cockpit up to par.


I'm on a Boat, Wet Sounds Style
Supra 22SSV
Mobile Innovations :: June 15th, 2009


lancha wetsounds ((NO BEYMA)) by DA INNOVATION SOUND
Adam :: June 4th, 2009

Darn You and your blasted speakers!! LOL. I had some “K!<}&?” “K[+6's” and was happy with them, until I heard a boat with Wet Sounds out on the lake. Anyway I now have a set of pro 60's!
Thanks. Adam.

Eddie :: June 16th, 2009

We recently had an employee purchase your Wet Sounds Speakers to demo in one of our limousines. Your speakers are far superior then anything on the market. The reason we wanted to try them in our limousines is due to the abuse our stereos and speakers are exposed too, not to mention the elements or hazards in the limousine atmosphere.(abuse). Thank you for putting your advanced technology into a product that we need. As you know, Limousines
and sound systems go hand in hand.

Zack :: June 2nd, 2009

Hey your products ROCKS! My boat is loaded with wet sounds and people are always complaining its to loud when im on the water.

Mobile Innovations :: May 13th, 2009

Best sound and loudest marine tower period! We have one of the loudest boats in washington state due to Wet Sounds, Thank You, MOBILE INNOVATIONS

Doug III :: April 14th, 2009

Dear, Wet Sounds I am a stereo guy love loud tunes but they must be clean and clear. My old boat was a 1999 malibu I had a high end system in it but at the time there were no good marine speakers so I used high end car speakers they performed great for many years had a few tweeters rust but expected! I recently traded my 1999 in on a 2008. Texas stereo did my 1999 system and everyone thought it was amazing. So before I even saw my boat after it was paid for Texas stereo picked it up. I asked who is doing the very best marine speakers these days, The answer was bar none WET SOUNDS! So we put in 8 - ws-xs-650 for inside the boat
and 2 - ws - pro 60 tower speakers. I was then educated on the ws-420 eq I have to admit I tried to talk my way out of it, but OMG I am so glad I did not that EQ is simply the most bad ass component in my system. The fact that you can fix the malibu's ipod problem with it is one thing. But being able to independently control volume for the interior speakers and tower speakers is awesome, not to forget you can also adjust highs, mids, and bass on both sets of speakers separately as well too cool. And yes you will use the microphone it is a killer idea. This system simply blows away every boat I tie up to in the party cove and if I get next to another boat with the ws-420 guess what we can link our systems together now that is like being at a concert for real. Thank you, WET SOUNDS for rocking my boat!

Jase :: April 16th, 2009

This is my Ski Nautique! You have noooooo idea how many people have asked me, WHERE IN THE HELL DID YOU GET THOSE??? The speakers are frigging awesome and I was amazed at the sound quality of them.

2007 Nautique SV-211
Nick :: April 10th, 2009

I wanted to thank you so much for helping me decide on everything and convincing me to go with your product. I installed my Pro 80's and Monster Tower yesterday and all I can say is WOW! I walked down a block or 2 and could hear every word crystal clear with the volume no where near full. And the WS 420 is pure genious! I can't wait to hit the water and crank my new system. This has been an ongoing project since November and I finally finished the majority of it. You guys rock!

Randy :: November 14th, 2008

Just put up all three of my new Wetsounds speakers. A Pro 485 and two Pro 80's. Have never heard a boat so loud. Your product is the best!

Freddy :: April 3rd, 2009

This is the BEST audio equipment on the market in my opinion!! I have had clarion,kicker,and jl audio on my other boats, but they do not compare to my wetsounds, not only in quality but in customer service!!
Thanks Omar, Justin & Tim

Mastercraft Xstar wth Wet Sounds
Two boats linked up with Wet Sounds
James :: December 10th, 2008

I bought my wetsounds speakers for my boat after hearing the demo at the Calgary boat and sportsman show. They sounded good at the show and when they finaly got installed on my boat....FRICKEN SICK!!!! These speakers are even more bad ass on the water. They are as loud and clear as you could ever imagine. I had my boat at the Chestermere wake fest and had people continously asking me about them as they couldn't beleive the quality of sound I was putting out. I also ran my boat for the Coors light Trauma Tour and again the same response. My boat was on many lakes here in Canada this summer and with out fail I am always asked about where I got them, what brand etc. I am so impressed with the Pro 60's and the Pro 80's on my tower that I am changing over the rest of my speakers in the boat including the subs to Wet Sounds. I have to, as I was the loudest boat last year and now the word is out. Bigger and louder for this year. I have no good pics right now but if you guys are interested I will send you some. Thanks for a great product.

Don :: November 6th, 2008

I had a complete Wetsounds system installed on my 2005 Searay 220 Select. 2 Syn 6 amps. 1 10" sub, 4 spkrs in boat, and 3 up and WS 420. I love the system and figured I would send a picture to you guys.

Christian :: October 29th, 2008

I recently purchased some new sound for my '09 Malibu 23 LSV. It started stock with a small 400 watt RF amp and 6 interior speakers. It now has the stock setup with a little Wetsounds love added. 2 Pairs of Pro 60X's were added to the illusion tower and being powered by the SYN2 Amp, they just SCREAM!!! Then a XS-XXX sub was added to the driver's footwell and its powered by the 1000 watt SYN1 Amp and im pretty sure it rattles my brain!

Lastly, I added the WS-420 Equalizer which has really helped me modify the different settings for Treb, Bass, Etc between my Tower and Interior speakers. The two seemed that they needed different settings to sound right so the 420 seems like a must have! Thanks to everybody at Wet Sounds!

Mike :: November 11th, 2008

I was hesitant to spend the money, but everyone I talked to said they were worth every penny. After I installed my Pro 80's all I can say is wow. I'm very happy with them. Thanks guys for developing a great product.

Javier :: October 25th, 2008

I want thank all the folks at Wet Sounds! When I talked to them on the Phone they knew exactly what I wanted. When I told them I wanted something different than the ordinary speakers and quality sound they completely understood. They got me set up and OH MY GOSH this by far is best audio I have heard! If any one would like to check them out here is there website. Here is some before and after photos.

Slayt :: October 27th, 2008

I bought the Pro 60s about two years ago and they sound and look just as good as the day I recieved them.

Jarod :: July 9th, 2008

Just wanted to tell you guys what an awesome set of speakers that you guys have put out. I have the threesome set up on my boat, I have had more complements on the speakers then I can count people are amazed on how loud and good they sound people have called and bought a set right after they heard mine. They are amazed when they find out that they are not even fully powered. Some guys have spent 5gs on their stereo and they still don't even come close. These things rock. - Thanks Jarod

Reed :: October 14th, 2008

2005 210 with stock Marine Speakers, xs12, 3some, syn6, clarion m4ch., clarion m2ch., jl audio m500/1, 3 optima blue tops. thanks ultimate audio of orlando for the install and kens car tunes of mobile for the amp swap. for tower speakers you HAVE to have wet sounds amps. :)

Jeff :: February 13th, 2008

Just wanted to send a quick note to thank you and Justin for the response and let you know that I have no concerns with the product following receipt of your reply and my conversation with Justin. I had read about the quality of technical support from Wet Sounds in many MalibuCrew posts and I have now experienced it first hand between responses to my earlier application questions and the recent specific questions on the product I received. Count me as a supporter and advocate of the company and its products and bring on the spring! - Take Care, Jeff

Rob :: June 8th, 2008

Here are a few pics of our Speedster 150. With a 980 watt amp, six of your speakers and 2 10" woofers what we don't have in length is made up in "presence". For some reason I didn't get pictures of the 2 new speakers in the bow, but I think you get the idea. The 60's on the tower were through bolted - it's the only way they could get the angle right. It really gives it a stock look. We had a dance party on our driveway the night we got the boat back from Scream Marine. It just sounds so good! Thanks for a great product and for the great reference - we couldn't be happier. We're naming the boat "Out Loud". - Rob.

Alec :: September 29th, 2007

Just wanted to say that the 485 speaker system I picked up from you exceeds all my expectations. Unbelievable sound quality and volume. You definitely have a great product. Thanks for making our time on the water 100% better. I'll be adding a pair of single 80's, and dropping my existing Rosswell speakers next spring. - Alec

Scott :: September 5th, 2007

Hi! I purchased a pair of PRO 80’s from S.A.M. about 3 months ago and love them!!! Keep up the awesome work. Any way you can hook me up w/some decals for my Moomba? – Thanx, Scott

Scott W.:: September 29th, 2007

Your product can't be touched. I had Mark from Audiotopia do a custom installation on my new 2007 Malibu VLX and I can can say is wow. I am running 4 of your Pro X 80's and 6 of the XS 650 in my boat running close to 3900 watts of power and all I can say is wow. I have never head a boat sound like mine before. Mark from Autotopia was blown away as well. If you need pictures or any other info from me please feel free to e-mail me and I will provide you with whatever you need. Please thanks John for helping mark from Autotopia put together such a mind blowing system together for my family boat. Great Job Guys. - Scott Womack Thanks Again to Wet Sounds & John for building a killer system.

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